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Good quality, easy to assemble (see the video) fast shipping. AAA+++ Thank you
Buyer: remingtonrabbit During past month
Buyer: monetprob During past month
We love this!!!
Buyer: dal5550 During past month
Buyer: andie1234andrea During past month
Gorgeous !!!
Buyer: caprinegirl During past month
Great job!
Buyer: 408.eddy82 During past month
Very, very nice for the price. Super - fast delivery.
Buyer: grampdo1 During past month
Excellent communication and very fast shipping and responsiveness!
Buyer: 4guerras During past month
thank you very nice pieces!!!!
Buyer: briangarciaramirez During past month
Great item. Fast shipping
Buyer: cemtrek2012 During past month
We love this!!!
Buyer: bentleybawbaw During past month
Quick shipment...tks!
Buyer: shopper_marie During past month
My wife is thrilled with the chandelier, totally satisfied.
Buyer: ctaylorjr2012 During past month
This company has a 5 star rating. I think they deserve a 10 star rating. Thanks!
Buyer: 924skyhigh During past month
Amazing products
Buyer: octavtruji During past month
Buyer: agalal2012 During past month
Excellent product. A+++++
Buyer: alcobevsbuddy During past month
Thanks A++++
Buyer: cestes111 During past month
Beautiful chandelier!
Buyer: n.ngee.ysvnsnom During past month
Very satisfied
Buyer: 43160alexjon During past month
Thank you!
Buyer: kmoore65 During past month
Great product and great price. Fast shipping!
Buyer: latchesandlace During past month
Excellent seller. Highly recommended!
Buyer: jtluxury During past month
Beautiful. Great communication
Buyer: gionta1964 During past month
Good buy !
Buyer: cowboyzgirl22 During past month
Great, Great Deal, Fast, Gives lots of help, Thanks Much
Buyer: patdonusa During past month
fast service seems nice
Buyer: eiluj65 During past month
Great Seller!!!AAAAAAA+++++++!!!!!!.
Buyer: daobean138 During past month
EXCELLENT communication! Smooth, easy transaction! Thanks!
Buyer: 73purplewhite During past month
Buyer: destinystarr36 During past month
easy seller to work with
Buyer: 166amy During past month
Thank you, excellent customer service. Would buy again A++
Buyer: nbabysmakes3 During past month
Quick fast shipping! Thanks.
Buyer: ogramate During past month
Very fast shipping, exactly as described. A+++++++
Buyer: rcookanthom During past month
Awesome to deal with! Love it!
Buyer: 14dukeboy During past month
Great customer service!! Great price and fast shipping!! Thank you!!!
Buyer: 909eking During past month
customer service A++ I emailed a question and they responded immediately.
Buyer: humfre2wq2 During past month
Great deal, great communications, great seller*****.
Buyer: salehofegypt During past month
absoluletly beautiful
Buyer: frauleinsarah During past month
Very nice item. Very good communication as well. Extremely fast shipping
Buyer: briggmyr During past month
My wife Loves the new Chandelier. Thanks so much!
Buyer: st_enterprise During past month
Fast shipping and just as described! Excellent
Buyer: ddrum728 During past month
thanks,good seller
Buyer: sabirgov2011 During past month
Love this chandelier. Highly recommended. Great transaction. Thanks!
Buyer: bravesea4 During past month
Seller shipped quickly. Item as described.
Buyer: retiredlotus During past month
Great Product.
Buyer: pergaleya During past month
Fast shipping,love the clock and candelabra.
Buyer: fcgsmi-zjbinprd During past month
Awesome seller, super responsive, great value!
Buyer: brian9384 During past month
This item I's Beautiful
Buyer: pforluck1203 During past month
Got the item today. Thanks very much. Very delighted.
Buyer: antoniette276 During past month
Great transaction!! Very satisfied with this chandelier!!
Buyer: seaspirit05 During past month
Thank you!
Buyer: kateathee During past month
Fast shipping! Beautiful chandelier for my baby's nursery!
Buyer: mizzdiamond18 During past month
Exactly as described,Thank you so much. It's beautiful
Buyer: heidim2738 During past month
All good - Thanks!!!
Buyer: volvopartsnation During past month
Buyer: sanfordandsonjs During past month
thank you very good service.Very pleased.
Buyer: laschapas952 During past month
Beautiful! Seller was fast to replace broken piece. Love it! AAAA++++
Buyer: swaleigh During past month
A++ seller , fast shipping !
Buyer: f0622 During past month
Gorgeous chandelier! Timely in shipping! Responsive to two small missing parts!
Buyer: grizeldak123 During past month
Fast shipping
Buyer: rspadie1988 During past month
*****Practically Perfect in Every Way! Thanks*****
Buyer: webettershop During past month
Thanks fast shipping
Buyer: ittybittypigs During past month
Exquisite. Absolute stunning when lit up. Great value for the price.
Buyer: montgom01 During past month
Great service and dedication to customer satisfaction. A+ seller
Buyer: brotherdiv During past month
Great price for product! Great seller!
Buyer: echapman212 During past month
Super customer service! Fast delivery! Perfect transaction! Highly Recommend!
Buyer: islandrose448 During past month
100% satisfied will do business again excellent in every way !!!!!!!
Buyer: artbyilad During past month
daughter absolutely loves it
Buyer: doug41099 During past month
I was hesitant about ordering....Don't BE Great Seller A++++++++++++++
Buyer: mikeanddavid1979 During past month
Exactly as described, perfect transaction in every aspect, prompt, very pleased
Buyer: mrworld2000 During past month
Buyer: mynt-boutique During past month
Excellent customer service! Can't say enough about it!
Buyer: kearneygam During past month
Its make me so Happy
Buyer: mesbah2010 During past month
This was a great upgrade to my dining room. So glad I went for the Swarovski
Buyer: tvlgman During past month
Beautiful chandelier! Fast shipping
Buyer: vserrato During past month
Buyer: debstedter101 Jul-19-14 22:59
Beautiful chandelier and fast shipment. Excellent A++++ seller!
Buyer: happyqtie Jul-19-14 01:13
Love it more than what I expected
Buyer: lisalisa02148 Jul-18-14 20:13
easy transaction
Buyer: pure$ Jul-18-14 13:40
Excellent Service!!! Will buy again :)
Buyer: kenny2543 Jul-18-14 13:22
Thank you so much
Buyer: laceyann91 Jul-17-14 09:10
Super fast shipping and great transaction. Thanks!
Buyer: k3teach2 Jul-16-14 18:02
Lovely. Thank you.
Buyer: elizzbeth Jul-16-14 10:38
Very happy. Would do business again.
Buyer: rene4164 Jul-16-14 08:09
:) :)
Buyer: lilfergie588 Jul-16-14 05:44
Buyer: hockeystick20 Jul-16-14 05:26
It got hung up and wow beautiful !very good customer service.will come back
Buyer: anhyeubaxatram Jul-16-14 01:07
Beautiful shining bright and what a difference in the room, 5 stars, A ++++
Buyer: 901rg501 Jul-15-14 15:18
Excellent! Fast shipping! Love it! THANKS!,
Buyer: gymratt119 Jul-15-14 10:36
Buyer: harleygirl100xx Jul-15-14 06:48
Great communications. Trust this seller. Thanks! AAAAAAAAAA+
Buyer: oreozorro Jul-14-14 19:12
Buyer: marinogold Jul-14-14 07:13
Seller contact me n replace the broken part. Very good n excelant service
Buyer: fhab7421 Jul-14-14 06:23
Great seller, will definately buy again
Buyer: fathersears Jul-12-14 19:16
Arrived quickly in perfect condition! Thank you.
Buyer: mholbrook Jul-11-14 22:14
EXTREMELY pleased/ impressed with them. A part was missing, and they were great!
Buyer: chelseyvantol Jul-09-14 16:53
Beautiful chandelier and it will look great in my house. Great Seller
Buyer: surfacatha Jul-09-14 10:11
Love the chandelier, arrive quickly. can't wait to get installed. thanks.
Buyer: pdil7324 Jul-07-14 22:36
thanks a lot
Buyer: hoan720 Jul-07-14 20:55
Amazing product, more than I expected.
Buyer: yardmon1013 Jul-06-14 06:50
Good product
Buyer: vtsky-251 Jul-06-14 06:08
Very nice, Very satisfied with the customer service. Thank you.
Buyer: paolien2005 Jul-04-14 11:59
This is my second chandelier purchased. Customer satisfaction is A1.
Buyer: kg530202 Jul-03-14 21:38
Buyer: renato83usa Jul-02-14 22:37
Good transaction! Excellent seller! Great communication!
Buyer: ankh_21 Jul-02-14 09:58
Amazing product so beauitiful! Shipped promptly
Buyer: tsta5339 Jul-02-14 06:23
Outstanding customer service! Product built with great quality. Thank you
Buyer: shinedastar Jul-02-14 05:47
Very good company quick solve the problem keep In touch with the buyer
Buyer: atlantatiger1 Jul-01-14 13:35
Arrived quickly and just as described, thank you!
Buyer: carolnjeffs Jul-01-14 09:39
Buyer: dvinenova777 Jul-01-14 08:31
Quick ship, well packed, thanks again. A+++
Buyer: ee175 Jul-01-14 05:41
Great item. Great .
Buyer: ramahnite Jun-30-14 15:15
Fast, easy transaction. Would buy from this seller again.
Buyer: caseylouise Jun-30-14 12:31
Very satisfied with the customer service
Buyer: mulle_julia Jun-30-14 08:24
Very satisfied with the customer service
Buyer: mulle_julia Jun-30-14 08:24
Very satisfied with the customer service
Buyer: mulle_julia Jun-30-14 08:23
Thank you very much. Wonderful customer service and shipping speed ..
Buyer: adnanrana45 Jun-28-14 18:13
Very nice especially for the price.Great communication!
Buyer: rounlind Jun-28-14 16:54
Great transaction
Buyer: rw060385 Jun-28-14 08:55
Perfect! The instructions sucked but the product is beautiful! Thanks!
Buyer: marandac1 Jun-28-14 05:56
Thank you absolutely beautiful will order another one fast delivery A+A+A+
Buyer: colongg2010 Jun-27-14 18:02
great fixture and service.
Buyer: garystohmeyer Jun-27-14 15:48
Beautiful! Fast shipping! A+++
Buyer: luisamakeup2013 Jun-27-14 10:26
great product and value
Buyer: panzerzoey Jun-26-14 14:10
Arrived safely. Excellent communication & support . Quality superb - recommend!
Buyer: ejacbay Jun-25-14 13:07
Great seller my daughter loves it
Buyer: skingrl21 Jun-25-14 10:38
Beautiful very pleased
Buyer: trudus_02khft Jun-23-14 18:35
Buyer: shadowx7doug Jun-23-14 15:25
Exactly as described,Thank you so much. It's beautiful
Buyer: heidim2738 Jun-23-14 04:42
Super Fast Payment! Thank you! Let me know if I can help with anything!!
Buyer: newunlockedcellphones Jun-21-14 20:33
Buyer: sanfordandsonjs Jun-21-14 19:21
thank you very good service.Very pleased.
Buyer: laschapas952 Jun-21-14 19:02
Beautiful! Seller was fast to replace broken piece. Love it! AAAA++++
Buyer: swaleigh Jun-21-14 05:56
A++ seller , fast shipping !
Buyer: f0622 Jun-21-14 04:52
Gorgeous chandelier! Timely in shipping! Responsive to two small missing parts!
Buyer: grizeldak123 Jun-21-14 01:19
Fast shipping
Buyer: rspadie1988 Jun-21-14 01:11
*****Practically Perfect in Every Way! Thanks*****
Buyer: webettershop Jun-20-14 23:25
Thanks fast shipping
Buyer: ittybittypigs Jun-20-14 13:10
Exquisite. Absolute stunning when lit up. Great value for the price.
Buyer: montgom01 Jun-19-14 07:31
Great service and dedication to customer satisfaction. A+ seller
Buyer: brotherdiv Jun-18-14 05:37
Great price for product! Great seller!
Buyer: echapman212 Jun-17-14 19:10
Super customer service! Fast delivery! Perfect transaction! Highly Recommend!
Buyer: islandrose448 Jun-17-14 11:11
100% satisfied will do business again excellent in every way !!!!!!!
Buyer: artbyilad Jun-17-14 10:11
daughter absolutely loves it
Buyer: doug41099 Jun-16-14 06:09
I was hesitant about ordering....Don't BE Great Seller A++++++++++++++
Buyer: mikeanddavid1979 Jun-15-14 18:41
Exactly as described, perfect transaction in every aspect, prompt, very pleased
Buyer: mrworld2000 Jun-13-14 18:48
Buyer: mynt-boutique Jun-13-14 08:58
Excellent customer service! Can't say enough about it!
Buyer: kearneygam Jun-12-14 06:25
Its make me so Happy
Buyer: mesbah2010 Jun-10-14 10:10
This was a great upgrade to my dining room. So glad I went for the Swarovski
Buyer: tvlgman Jun-08-14 21:02
Beautiful chandelier! Fast shipping
Buyer: vserrato May-25-14 10:30
Beautiful, exactly what was pictured and what I wanted
Buyer: jasperjax111 May-25-14 07:01
Perfect tu
Buyer: russv123 May-25-14 06:08
Worked great with me and my needs
Buyer: 10peaches123 May-23-14 13:49
Great seller A+++
Buyer: chungdinhtran May-23-14 06:34
Buyer: magcolors.3283 May-21-14 19:10
perfect item. super great customer. I love it very much
Buyer: lasermanfishing May-21-14 11:55
Gorgeous!!!! Fast Fast Shipping!!!! Amazing customer service!!!
Buyer: harleybarbie70339 May-21-14 11:01
Fantastic Chandy! Even better in person! Thank You!!
Buyer: lsegelquist May-20-14 21:01
Looks great thank you
Buyer: cabinmoney May-20-14 11:33
A great piece --well priced
Buyer: bobaloubear May-20-14 09:08
Better than described love it!!
Buyer: 142graceline May-20-14 06:19
Buyer: lmz2211 May-19-14 19:41
Great seller. Fast shipper
Buyer: mark31204 May-19-14 19:36
very nice .thanks
Buyer: tamus2014 May-19-14 15:12
Super fast shipping.Wonderful customer sevice.Chandelier is just so Beautiful.Tx
Buyer: traditions_11 May-19-14 12:23
Great Price! Fast Shipping! Gorgeous Chandelier!
Buyer: ungluedmusic May-19-14 10:57
Excellent product!!! Great seller and fast shipping!!
Buyer: hernaaan May-19-14 06:54
Lovely item. Very pleased with my purchase. Just as picture. Great!
Buyer: lmi205723 May-18-14 20:53
Haven't opened light box yet, but did look at lampshades. Beautiful!!!
Buyer: kahane91 May-18-14 20:51
Perfect!!! Thanks!!!!
Buyer: nathanw2110 May-18-14 18:17
Beautiful and fast! For my birthday! Love it.
Buyer: froggy1982 May-18-14 12:51
Great seller, fast shipping, item as described.
Buyer: bidding166 May-17-14 17:34
STUNNING in person! FAST shipping!! AA+A++A+A+
Buyer: contessagab May-17-14 10:06
Superb!!! FAST shipping!! Just as described!!! A+A+A++A+A+
Buyer: contessagab May-17-14 09:14
Fast shipping exactly what the wife wanted thanks.
Buyer: colby1985 May-17-14 07:55
pretty chandelier, love free shipping
Buyer: emf43 May-17-14 07:14
beautiful light! As listed fast shipping. Thanks so much
Buyer: melissa24317 May-17-14 04:55
Quick delivery. Great deal. Perfect transaction.
Buyer: firebyrd1 May-16-14 19:57
One of the best sellers I've transacted with. Beyond great service!
Buyer: politisa May-14-14 16:15
Fast shipment. Great to do business with. Great communication
Buyer: malishka16 May-14-14 12:55
One of best!!! Love my chandelier! Great service. Rated A+++++++
Buyer: vintagerose May-14-14 08:23
Excellent Seller, Fab merchandise and excellent customer service!!!!!
Buyer: vintagerose May-14-14 08:21
very good service
Buyer: tomtom442 Mar-31-14 18:51
Very smooth purchase, item exactly as described, very happy with transaction!!
Buyer: lggooch Mar-31-14 17:32
Buyer: abstubbs301 Mar-31-14 15:12
Great Transaction
Buyer: rumore5762sv Mar-31-14 12:20
Great company to do business with. AAAAA+++++
Buyer: ferr308 Mar-31-14 11:41
Great Seller!! Fast Shipping!!
Buyer: grg101 Mar-31-14 06:52
Quick shipping and item was just as described. Thanks.
Buyer: cienah21 Mar-30-14 18:35
Buyer: kbhalme Mar-29-14 21:49
Very Happy! Great seller -highly recommendA+A+A+A+A
Buyer: scremnfxdwg Mar-29-14 10:54
Fast ship. Great seller! Beautiful product once put together!
Buyer: chemchic1 Mar-29-14 08:57
I love my chandelier! I had it installed in my new salon and all my clients love
Buyer: sarahair23 Mar-29-14 02:01
great product
Buyer: 2010sanam1975 Mar-28-14 22:27
best business transaction so easy to communicate with
Buyer: ivymg999 Mar-28-14 18:16
chandelier is truely stunning. Shipped quickly.
Buyer: 545593 Mar-28-14 16:58
Fast shipping, some breakage, but replacements arrived quickly. RECOMMENDED
Buyer: gnomic Mar-28-14 11:41
Buyer: hunterhenry Mar-28-14 09:26
Good seller
Buyer: elbate2013 Mar-28-14 06:53
As described nicely packaged quick shipped. Repeat purchase. Thanks.
Buyer: josechan1 Mar-28-14 06:27
AAAA++++ Great cust. service Thanz AAA+++
Buyer: im1joeking Mar-27-14 21:30
Excellent Seller and very fast shipping!!! Thanks!
Buyer: steinwaybrian Mar-27-14 18:50
Great Seller....will buy from again!!! Thanks!!
Buyer: jermaine4313 Mar-27-14 13:32
Buyer: designertanninglotions Mar-27-14 11:03
some of the part being scratched and they sent me a replacement ASAP
Buyer: esslap Mar-27-14 10:52
Super fast shipping can't wait to hang it !! A++++++
Buyer: estyniky Mar-27-14 07:09
got the chandelier the next day, was super excited to recieve it, still unopened
Buyer: denise2584 Mar-27-14 05:51
GREAT DEAL!!!!!!!!! 100% satisfied!!!!!!
Buyer: carlton169 Mar-26-14 17:51
Great seller
Buyer: lprimrose22 Mar-26-14 07:24
Item was delivered on time and the seller was very responsive to questions.
Buyer: 1136tmk77825 Mar-25-14 20:26
Buyer: yazgtz7 Mar-24-14 22:52
This is a beautifull chandelier , complete and easy to install- Thanks
Buyer: markymark11211 Mar-24-14 19:59
Nice stuff
Buyer: abab7195 Mar-24-14 18:15
Buyer: 520nicolerivas4 Mar-23-14 22:16
It's a good deal
Buyer: larrypolo80 Mar-23-14 05:38
Great price for this beautiful chandelier! Super fast shipping too!
Buyer: nnj Mar-23-14 05:33
Thanks smooth transaction.
Buyer: milomussell Mar-22-14 18:42
Super fast shipping. Chandelier is so pretty. Thank you!
Buyer: lotusdancer222 Mar-22-14 10:36
As described
Buyer: kstmgtr Mar-22-14 06:16
Very very nice for the price, really fast ship, arrived in perfect condition.
Buyer: imintroublenow Mar-22-14 01:26
Buyer: vdvit Mar-21-14 20:03
Fast ship. Great eBayer.
Buyer: Mar-21-14 20:02
Fantastic. We will do business again. Very beautiful piece.
Buyer: rickdeesfan Mar-21-14 17:47
Very pretty ans quickly shipped.
Buyer: cjphdinin Mar-21-14 10:26
I received my item in great time. Love it!
Buyer: garettmyers Mar-20-14 18:27
Excellent! Immediate delivery. thank you.
Buyer: lavoe.lavoe Mar-20-14 14:49
Arrived fast and looks great!!!
Buyer: jrb2848 Mar-20-14 10:32
Chandelier is beautiful. Arrived quickly.
Buyer: dp1018 Mar-20-14 07:34
thank you
Buyer: vera770 Mar-19-14 21:50
looks stunning, very good seller to deal with, will definately buy & recommend
Buyer: Member id dpat1929 Mar-19-14 19:44
Buyer: kybarb1122 Mar-19-14 05:26
Fast shipment! Thank you!
Buyer: tl4201 Mar-18-14 21:50
amazing!!!!! and i love it!!!!! :)
Buyer: Member id mgal4848 Mar-18-14 06:40
Great dealer and amazing product
Buyer: Member id aaamooni7 Mar-18-14 05:21
Buyer: alayal123 Mar-17-14 21:23
Great! Thanks
Buyer: pakecosbill Mar-17-14 20:15
Buyer: desanarey Mar-17-14 15:51
Love it!!!
Buyer: gkir7275 Mar-17-14 11:00
I bought another one from same seller.
Buyer: faithdreamer89 Mar-16-14 18:03
love the fixture, very pretty....thanks
Buyer: Member id ktshopsviolets Mar-16-14 14:02
Fast shipping Thank you
Buyer: nelsonairtool Mar-16-14 13:06
Just as pictured.
Buyer: tradewind040 Mar-16-14 12:41
Buyer: kevg929 Mar-16-14 12:03
Buyer: mstwinkleton Mar-16-14 10:52
Arrived quickly and as expected!
Buyer: canc_us_7uxl1xufd Mar-15-14 18:34
great item 5 star! FAST FAST shipping
Buyer: joncarmel265 Mar-15-14 16:50
Perfect transaction and quick shipping. Thank you.
Buyer: tugboatca Mar-15-14 10:34
Thanks so much again. Very beautiful. A+ seller
Buyer: scheff214 Mar-15-14 07:47
Product described well
Buyer: momaprincess88 Mar-14-14 20:24
Received. And like! Thx
Buyer: crikket Mar-14-14 19:09
Perfect, thank you!
Buyer: texas-s.carolina Mar-14-14 19:04
Product as described, pretty.
Buyer: classiquecollections Mar-14-14 18:39
Very fast shipping!
Buyer: stealr420 Mar-14-14 12:29
Buyer: chazwknight Mar-14-14 12:28
Super AAA seller!!! Very fast shipping!
Buyer: norapsakner Mar-14-14 10:41
A+ Thank you!
Buyer: avramala Mar-13-14 15:14
A+ Thank you!
Buyer: avramala Mar-13-14 15:14
Buyer: lula2440 Mar-13-14 14:52
good job
Buyer: sqiel_072008 Mar-12-14 13:12
Buyer: merdene81 Mar-10-14 21:50
Fast shipping, item is exactly as she said. Great transaction
Buyer: shan1770 Mar-10-14 16:37
100% perfect.... just beautiful Super fast shipping!!
Buyer: wallyworldwallace Mar-10-14 06:15
Fast shipping. As described. Great seller
Buyer: Member id 99blackvette Mar-09-14 20:38
Exactly as described, fast shipping, thank you!
Buyer: carsondi32 Mar-09-14 18:50
Fast shipping and free!! Beautiful chandelier. Thank you!!
Buyer: glamourrouge7 Feb-26-14 14:18
Customer service like no other!!!
Buyer: nurseangiep Feb-26-14 10:09
Awesome customer service!!!
Buyer: nurseangiep Feb-26-14 10:09
Excellent customer service!
Buyer: countrygurl1208 Feb-26-14 08:12
seller was very understanding
Buyer: smcung Feb-26-14 05:49
Very good excellent service
Buyer: bheegaijajo1931 Feb-25-14 20:25
Fast Fast shipping!! Love it!!!
Buyer: harleybarbie70339 Feb-25-14 19:26
Great service thnx.
Buyer: mohammed812 Feb-25-14 17:48
Item is beautiful!
Buyer: princesscara18 Feb-25-14 07:07
Great seller shipped fast packed well
Buyer: dkm66 Feb-25-14 05:40
Love it!!! Super fast shipping!
Buyer: norapsakner Feb-25-14 04:52
beautiful piece. excellent description, great to do business with, shipped quick
Buyer: 06131973 Feb-24-14 23:09
Excellent! Thank you so much highly recommend!
Buyer: ornerytink Feb-24-14 07:29
Pretty bedroom chandelier!
Buyer: bennybear2020 Feb-24-14 06:51
Recommended for great product and the high quality of services.Thank you.
Buyer: Member id mens_us2013 Feb-24-14 05:58
Great product, great price. Thank you!!!
Buyer: vessel4 Feb-23-14 17:13
Quick shipment, nice quality
Buyer: jacey_r Feb-23-14 14:53
Outstanding!!! Outstanding!!! Outstanding!!! don't get any better than this.
Buyer: revewer Feb-23-14 11:18
great product - fast shipping and packed very well. thanks.
Buyer: shinypants2 Jan-09-14 05:40
just like post, geart , could not bleve how fast I got the Chandelier,
Buyer: tmcantrell Jan-08-14 18:47
Excellent seller
Buyer: urbanrebel23 Jan-08-14 17:21
shipped very quickly just item is just what i was looking for
Buyer: danierya Jan-08-14 15:57
Light is beautiful, response to question lighting fast! Thanks
Buyer: pomerianpal Jan-08-14 15:24
Beautiful and exactly what it said it would be
Buyer: staciebl1970 Jan-08-14 12:39
looks great easy to install
Buyer: oystershell1 Jan-08-14 02:21
good seller
Buyer: jeffzirbes71 Jan-07-14 18:59
Love this! Beautiful
Buyer: fashion4paws Jan-07-14 16:36
Buyer: shawnch47 Jan-07-14 16:16
Great item. Smooth transaction
Buyer: cbice74 Jan-07-14 15:56
AAA+ Great Chandelier Great Price And Fast Fast Shipping Thanks
Buyer: roboplus Jan-07-14 14:33
Excellent service, I will buy again from this seller
Buyer: mundo882007 Jan-06-14 18:53
Beautiful Chandelier.
Buyer: mattiesmom1 Jan-06-14 16:38
great transaction
Buyer: andreakay76 Jan-06-14 07:47
Great value
Buyer: stingraystore Jan-06-14 03:32
Buyer: jackp4567 Jan-05-14 15:34
Love it! Thanks so much!!
Buyer: jardinsantiques Jan-05-14 10:39
This was one of the fastest shipped ever, great communication, thank you! A+++
Buyer: hamyboy Jan-05-14 08:57
As described, fast shipping. Thanks
Buyer: cauctions Jan-05-14 06:32
Just got here! WONDERFUL. Thank you
Buyer: 5317molly Jan-04-14 18:52
very good seller
Buyer: dilfuza360 Jan-04-14 18:13
Great seller, great product - very nice and best price!
Buyer: aewohlleber Jan-04-14 09:10
excellent seller
Buyer: r1mannion Jan-04-14 06:20
Buyer: mmcc4262 Jan-03-14 07:27
Delivery time was fast , good communication , great seller
Buyer: pallegrande Jan-02-14 17:51
Buyer: allisonl1510 Jan-02-14 16:32
good deal
Buyer: akeelhuseen2012 Jan-02-14 16:04
Buyer: fossettdiva Jan-02-14 05:01
Very fast shipping great quility
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Assembly & installation was very easy!! Looks AWESOME in my daughter's room :)
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I Bought This For My wife. She loves it! Assembly requires patients and wine.
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Need effort for isnatll. Looks nice in the high foyer.
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Quick ship and exaclty what they said it was, Super Happy!!!!!!!
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Great shipping! Great product! Contact info on box for assembly help.
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very,very happy with both chandeliers also super fast mail two days thank you.
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Received Friday as scheduled. Is together and goes up tomorrow.
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Thank you for making this a quick and pleasant transaction!
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I wish I knew we had to put it together!
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Beautiful Light! Fast shipping. Needs better instructions though. Thanks!!
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Beautiful fixture but be prepared to spend some time assembling it!
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Just received it today, April 27. Looks great, hope I can put it together...:)
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Super quick shipment and delivery!
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im in love with this chandelier! Thank u
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Seller was great. Quick shipping. Thank you very much.
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Wowzie! Looks more Beautiful in Person. <3 the Price & packed very securely.
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Thank you very much! 5*****
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Fast shipping and it´s even more beautiful in real :) Thanks :)
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Beautiful Chandelier ~ Great Customer Service Thanx ;o)
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Just as described. Very beautiful
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Item as described and got here very fast! Thank you.
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Love this Chanderlier, wouldn't trade it for the world. Great seller!!
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Absolutely GORGEOUS chandelier! Seller is superb in every way~Thank you so much!
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Most beautiful!! It Not unpacked yet,its going in my store it had to be elegant!
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Fast ship. Thanks., Apr-01-13 21:50
These are beautiful, especially for the price
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A+++ just as expected!! Fast shipping!! Would def do again!!!
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O M G...This thing is GORGEOUS!!!! A+++ Seller!!!! *faints* XD
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Very nice lamp, arrived quickly, packed well.
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Good purchase, fast and easy!
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arrived 3-12 well packed will open it up to assemble this weekend looks good
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EXCEPTIONAL customer service! Amazing communication! Went above & beyond!
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Fast shipping, protective packaging, beautiful chandelier =)
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A++++++++!!!! Love it! In perfect condition!
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Fast shipping great item!! Thanks!!!
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Beautiful! Love it...will be getting at least one more from this seller.
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A+ seller! Rapid shipment. Thanks!
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LOVE!!! Excellent seller. Fast shipping. Beautiful product!!
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very pretty.
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Great service A+++++++
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Oh so very very pretty... I bought two for each side of the elegant!
Buyer:mariannadurr , Feb-28-13 18:55
my house is looking good with this chandelier you go girl.
Buyer:culplaine_12012 , Feb-28-13 14:18
Great item - Thank you
Buyer: tlloyd851, Feb-27-13 10:45
Beautiful piece. Received as advertised. Will buy from this seller again.
Buyer: dancin_debbie , Feb-27-13 07:21
very quick shipping, item had many imperfections but beautiful once assembled!
Buyer: blmarshall55, Feb-26-13 06:44
ery pretty, but instructions not very good..diff. to put the crystals on.
Buyer:annap972 , Feb-25-13 12:33
Thank you! Love it!
Buyer: rlittlesecret1 , Feb-24-13 17:49
Fast shipping. Beautiful. Love it. A+++++
Buyer:fancyfeet22, Feb-21-13 14:59
Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
Buyer: thanh206 , Feb-20-13 18:42
Beautiful Chandelier! Thanks for fast shipping!
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great seller, went out of his way to make it an absolute perfect transaction. A+
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Smooth transaction, fast shipping, Pleasure to do business with, thanks
Buyer:binsky42, Feb-18-13 11:22
Great seller. Very fast. Thanks!
Buyer: zgrbic, Feb-17-13 04:54
Great Product, note- hang up first then put crystals
Buyer: ccfindley10 , Feb-16-13 05:00
Fast shipping will do buisness again
Buyer: thephoenix122 , Feb-14-13 07:17
Gorgeous. Better than described. Love so much I bought another - fast shipping.
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Perfectly GORGEOUS! SIMPLE assembly! EXTREMELY HAPPY! TY!! Always a Blessing
Buyer: lil_witch_be_me, Feb-14-13 03:15
beautiful light fast ship thank you again!!!
Buyer:julianna766, Feb-13-13 16:48
WOW, order was placed on Sunday (2/10/13 and it arrived Wednesday 2/13/13.
Buyer: gakqmhs130 , Feb-13-13 11:27
Buyer: gestures123, Feb-13-13 07:19
Buyer:mair922 , Feb-12-13 18:29
Fast Ship SO PRETTY! Dont hesitate to order here...Fabulous Product!
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thanks, this is so beautiful.
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fair shipping great price nice quality
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item as described! A+++ Thanks!!!!
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Great seller.
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Fast shipping thanks a+++++++
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Great item..quick ship... Thanks
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Excellent, very happy, just as discribed, thank you ++++A ,will put up soon
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super speed service!! Awesome seller.
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Good Job
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Very nice; Well packaged; All parts in place. Quick. Thanks, A +
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Beautiful chandelier just as described will buy from again! A++++
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took to long for them to ship. but good job after e-mails
Buyer: owen62tim, Jan-30-13 10:10
Great! Thank you!
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Thank you very fast and easy purchase, excellent seller
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outstanding, everything was as described.
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fast shipping, low prices A+++++++
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The lamp is beautiful, looks just like the picture
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Love it great price
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Quick shipping, great packaging
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Great thank you we love it
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Great transaction
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I love it!
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Great Seller !
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Fast delivery , happy with my purchase !
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OMG! This is so GORGEOUS! Super fast shipping and totally BLINGED OUT
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The seller took care of everything with professionalism and timeliness. Thanks.
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A++++ seller
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Item packaged well. Received as described. Thank you.
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Thallus you it's awsome
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Very prompt in response and great to work with
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thank you, good product.
Buyer: romannaid , Jan-23-13 13:09
Very quick shipment. Beautiful piece!
Buyer: vickidale05, Jan-23-13 12:38
This is the second chandelier I have bought from you and I am overwhelmed w/joy!
Buyer: babydarla, Jan-23-13 08:27
Excellent transaction. Very helpful staff. Thank you!!!!!
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beautiful, very fast shipping, thank you, great seller, will do business again
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Love this!
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Great deal! Adorable piece!
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nice fast ship. Great looking
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Beautiful chandelier! Great price! A++++ Seller!
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100% perfect Seller. Will buy again!
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A+++ Fast shipping
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Very fast shipping! Light decent instructions not ledgable/lots assembly req'd
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Perfect! Love it! Arrived so quickly! Seller was totally fantastic! A++++++
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Wow this seller has 5 star service! I won't hesitate to buy from them again.
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great deal, works fine, thanx bunches..... A+++++++++++
Buyer: ron_e_b_barefoot , Jan-17-13 14:07
Buyer: olecka2006, Jan-17-13 08:15
Love how quickly it arrived.
Buyer: sunlizards, Jan-16-13 16:52
cant wait to put it together!! superfast delivery!!
Buyer: mwoody1204, Jan-15-13 20:06
Beautiful, love it!
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Soooo beautiful and wonderful price. Well worth it!!
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Fast Ship.... Great Light....
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EZ transaction
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Great item. Great seller!
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Stunning item and quick shipping. would shop again A+++
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very timely on shipping
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Courteous, informative, fair and honest
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Understanding people, great item...they look awsome
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description was PERFECT!!!! s&h charges was great and delivery was great love it
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BEAUTIFUL and very happy with purchase! FAST shipping!!! :)
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Thanks! Love it!
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Prompt shipping!!! BEAUTIFUL Chandelier!!!!!
Buyer: wendtjackie, Jan-11-13 19:43
Item as described, super fast shipping. A+++
Buyer: captainrassy, Jan-11-13 17:44
when put together, it doesn't look like pic but still pretty hard to find a bulb
Buyer: sondradm, Jan-11-13 07:49
We love it
Buyer: yazman1664, Jan-11-13 06:37
love it! Thanks
Buyer: coffeecharged, Jan-11-13 06:25
Love the channdelier but need one to plug into outlet. Do u have any?
Buyer: bakerthing, Jan-11-13 05:59
Beautiful chandelier, very well packaged. Thank you
Buyer: lawrencec904, Jan-10-13 19:09
Arrived on time and well packed. Only issue was significant assembly was require
Buyer: pzhjf6, Jan-10-13 18:39
Item was accurate. brand new as described in the listing.Happy with the purchase
Buyer: bmre90, Jan-10-13 14:51
Buyer: novoandina, Jan-10-13 10:58
Buyer: novoandina, Jan-10-13 10:58
Was packed extremely well! Great looking, excellent service & price!
Buyer: connie885, Jan-10-13 10:06
Thanks for an easy transaction. Very fast shipping!
Buyer: hottytoddy001, Jan-09-13 23:04
this is absolutely beautiful and for an excellent price
Buyer: cindycatwoman, Jan-09-13 10:10
Great fixture!
Buyer: dcotter66, Jan-08-13 13:21
Super Stunning.....Thank you
Buyer: miamicloseouts, Jan-07-13 19:09
It's lovely, thank you
Buyer: mdomeo, Jan-07-13 12:25
Good doing business with - as represented.
Buyer: tucker5550, Jan-07-13 11:43
love it
Buyer: virginialaw2, Jan-07-13 10:24
Gallery 840 went above and beyond just shipping my chandelier.
Buyer: 906desiree87, Jan-06-13 06:11
Wow these are so nice very fast shipping. Thank you!!
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Customer Service PERFECTION! Buy here with confidence!! AAA+
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Quick delivery, great deal, item exactly as pictured and described. A+++
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GREAT Seller!! EXCELLENT Transaction!! A+
Buyer: best_deal_seeker, Jan-03-13 11:07
Chandelier looks very good. Will buy another.
Buyer: freakystylus, Jan-03-13 10:16
very nice item, thank you so much!
Buyer: darko133, Jan-02-13 13:43
Great product! just wish there were more detailed directions for assembly.
Buyer: phoenixwali, Jan-02-13 12:28
Beautiful Chandelier !!!! This Seller Is The BEST! 5 Stars !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buyer: dbella555, Jan-02-13 10:35
very satisfied
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Beautiful! Fast shipping
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very nice - thanks
Buyer: pattyore, Jan-01-13 21:40
Absolutely fabulous! Love this chandelier ! Easy to assemble
Buyer: cliu4538, Jan-01-13 16:11
Thx so much!
Buyer: ajdykstra, Jan-01-13 05:51
Seller was easy to work with and solved my problems
Buyer: marybonabhan, Jan-01-13 05:26
Fast shipping, item as described. A+
Buyer: Member id goodproductz, Dec-26-12 20:12
beautiful as described!
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Great seller recomended
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super fast shipping, perfect condition!! would buy from again
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well packaged and quick delivery
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5star...a pricey piece sold at a great discount and lovely piece!go c store
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good deal. thank you
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Amazing beautiful
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This is so beautiful! I highly recommend this seller!!!!
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Super fast shipping so beautiful it took my breath away thank you so much! A+A+
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THANK YOU!!!!! Words cannot Describe the Beauty of this Item!!!
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Thank you!
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Very accurate description and quick shipping. Beautiful chandelier!!!
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Thank you . A +++++
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Great service, great seller, great product will buy again very soon AAAAAAAAAAAA
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very timely arrival , will assemble after christmas thanks for the note on box
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excellent, highly recommended
Buyer: foroozan7, Dec-21-12 11:22
beautiful! great price and very fast shipping!
Buyer: carla52pink, Dec-21-12 08:10
Hasn't been assembled yet, but we anticipate no problems
Buyer: cjunebowers, Dec-21-12 04:56
Thank you!
Buyer: mattlovesing, Dec-20-12 16:52
so happy thank you
Buyer: nucka79, Dec-19-12 21:21
Great packaging....great shipping!
Buyer: tink116, Dec-19-12 14:45
Thank you very much
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Beautiful item
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Nice Seller, fast response.
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Fast shipping !!!
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Thank you very much! Awesome seller :)
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Very easy to deal with.
Buyer: jjude66, Dec-18-12 13:29
Very easy to deal with. Very quickly delivered product. Refunded quickly also
Buyer: jjude66, Dec-18-12 13:29
very please with my chandelier
Buyer: rose495rose, Dec-17-12 21:11
Beautiful, fast shipment
Buyer: paantiquefan, Dec-17-12 19:51
The light was beautiful. I really appreciated the prompt service and follow up.
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Awesome product. Fast shipping. Good price. A+
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Very GOOD seller, 5+stars, EXCELLENT cust service, will buy again.
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Great Product ..Very fast ...No problems..
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Absolutely stunning! Thank you :)
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Great item. Thank you. Super fast shipping
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Buyer: noemit, Dec-13-12 17:53
well packaged~arrived safely~very pretty
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Excellent quality and beautiful heirloom piece. Thank you!
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Good experience
Buyer: becelayne1, Dec-12-12 20:57
Good seller
Buyer: andynikkinail, Dec-12-12 20:21
thank you for communication and help
Buyer: yuliyask, Dec-12-12 18:13
thank u
Buyer: yuliyask, Dec-12-12 18:12
JUST AS DESCRIBED. BEAUTIFUL. Please leave me positive feedback. Thanks
Buyer: topito14, Dec-12-12 16:44
Excellent customer service.Will buy from them again.Love the elegant lighting!
Buyer: carolsuzanne1004, Dec-12-12 11:33
exactly as described
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exactly as described
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exactly as described
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Happy with transaction
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Thank you, beautiful!
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Buyer: oa244, Dec-10-12 17:06
as described, arrived well packed and in good condition.
Buyer: pmaster453, Dec-10-12 13:27
Love the chandelier. My first baby girl is going to love it
Buyer: italianred1, Dec-10-12 10:32
love it
Buyer: usmc0004, Dec-10-12 09:11
Seller is very conscious of excellent customer service. Would buy from again
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Item arrived promptly and in brand new condition as promised. Great seller!
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Great to deal with fast.
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Awesome light fixture for a great price. Thank you! Recommend this seller.
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thanks A+
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Excellent condition, beautiful item, great communication
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Stunning!!! We LOVE IT!! OUTSTANDING SELLER!!! Thank you SO much!!! A+++++++
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Best seller, fastest shipping and by far best product. A++++++++++++++
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Beautiful and great quality! I recieved it within a few days of ordering.
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Very nice seller with fast transaction and nice items.
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Great item, fast shipping
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Perfecto...Nice one
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Buyer: 4444marshal, Dec-06-12 13:59
so far so good. It is a christmas present
Buyer: nzy58r, Dec-06-12 13:32
Beautiful chandelier!!
Buyer: crtorr, Dec-06-12 13:00
Beautiful! Thank you!
Buyer: suzanne316, Dec-06-12 10:15
Nice product, as decribed. Shipping date as promised.
Buyer: tizmcel, Dec-05-12 23:20
very beautiful
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The chandelier it very nice. I loved it. Thank you
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Shipped Fast!!Packaged Amazingly Well!
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Awesome service
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Very fast shipment. Pleasure to deal with.
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great great!!
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Very good seller!! Recommend!
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My wife loves it!
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As advertised
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Excellent seller. Beautiful chandelier!!
Buyer: babygyrl62, Nov-29-12 17:56
great seller and product
Buyer: danielmum2, Nov-29-12 17:15
Just as described, thanks
Buyer: catopowers01, Nov-29-12 09:01
Buyer: 6670300, Nov-28-12 19:45
Item was slightly different then picture but was still acceptable fast shipping.
Buyer: akcchiefsfan, Nov-28-12 16:57
item as described, fast shipping Thanks!!!
Buyer: colleen1958, Nov-28-12 16:33
Awesome! Thanx!
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Arrived as described. Thank you
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Honest Seller !! Wonderful to deal with, Items are stunning!!!!
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Seller is the best !!! Ships super Fast !!
Buyer: sweetk8ke, Nov-26-12 22:05
Great transaction! Seller very helpful. Beautiful item! Thanks so much.
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The chandelier is beautiful and arrived in perfect shape! Great Seller!!!
Buyer: dbatson55, Nov-25-12 22:04
Excellent seller. Very pleased with service and product. Thank You!
Buyer: biblesatcost, Nov-25-12 19:27
Very nice, it could use better instuctions
Buyer: redhawkval, Nov-24-12 21:49
Arrived super-fast! Thanks!
Buyer: fru*fru*fabric, Nov-24-12 18:00
super fast ship everything as described A++++ Thank you
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Fast shipping.
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Great Communication, Quick shipping and good description
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great customer service, thank you!!!
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Better than I expected!!!
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as described thanks
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Thank You!
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Excellent product, communication and delivery
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Great seller. Received quickly and exactly as described. Highly recommend
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Item arrived quickly and as described. Thank You!
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Thank you for a perfect transaction! A+A+A+A+A
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Great product support as well as Customer Service - Highly recommended
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A****** Seller,SuperFast shipping,Thank you!
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Item as described, prompt delivery and great value ... thank you!
Buyer: ralotta, Nov-16-12 21:22
Wrong directions so difficult to put together but it is a beautiful!!!
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Fast shipping and beautiful item. Thanks
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Great Seller!!! Fast shipping!!! Great communication!!!!
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Fast shipping. Great product. Recommened. A+
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Tx! It's perfect and shipping was speedy
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Fantastic chandelier! Be prepared for a couple hours of assembly. Seller is A+++
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Great transaction!
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Everything ok
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Excellent Customer Service Experience! Fast Shipping! A+ Seller!
Buyer: krad777-1, Nov-14-12 16:01
Very impressed with the fast shipping!! Thank you
Buyer: bayhawk402, Nov-14-12 11:45
There were some miinor glitches in the beginning but it was resolved immediatly
Buyer: betsysjewls, Nov-14-12 10:15
Buyer: skck4life, Nov-13-12 22:02
I LOVE IT !!!!!!! Thank You
Buyer: sweetk8ke, Nov-13-12 21:14
Buyer: superiorcuda, Nov-13-12 14:39
No complaints at all
Buyer: undastan80, Nov-13-12 12:04
Buyer: dgnew_123, Nov-13-12 06:09
amazing - we love the product
Buyer: shop-couture, Nov-12-12 18:12
Beautiful :) shipped quickly
Buyer: 400hood, Nov-12-12 17:32
Very fast shipping! Awesome!
Buyer: fancy3452, Nov-12-12 09:44
Great chandelier fast shipping I absolutely love it
Buyer: greatseller31, Nov-11-12 16:41
Flawless transaction in all respects!! This is a truly GREAT seller!!!
Buyer: morpheus-1020, Nov-11-12 14:42
thank you
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Excellent customer service...problem fixed quickly!
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Great Transaction with very fast shipment. Love the product!
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received earlier than expected. awesome chandelier!!
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Very Nice
Buyer: kmrusk, Nov-10-12 10:58
Wow it got here fast GREAT!!!
Buyer: krw1810, Nov-10-12 07:36
Fast shipping! Pretty product! But LOTS of parts to it
Buyer: crysech, Nov-10-12 04:48
Great Seller
Buyer: brry476, Nov-09-12 18:11
Magnificent Italian brass clock, fast shipment. Excellent packing. Thanks
Buyer: alex_despiau, Nov-09-12 17:40
Very quick ship & beautiful item - thanks!
Buyer: str8luvur, Nov-09-12 16:24
Fast delivery, can't wait to hang it and see it light up the room.
Buyer: rudoman2012, Nov-09-12 13:46
Awesome chandelier, awesome price, quick shipping!
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As described, well packaged and an easy transaction. Thanks very much
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Fast shipment, great Seller, thank you