Arched Moulding

Using Arched Mouldings:
Each arched piece is one-quarter of a circle, so you will need to purchase 4 pieces for each circle you want to design or 2 pieces for each semi circle you want to design. If you are using these pieces above an arched doorway or window you need to make sure that the shape of the arch is a semicircle, not an oval or oblong shape. The outside radius is the distance from the center of the circle to the outside edge of the moulding, the inside radius is the distance to the inner edge of the moulding. If you have an archway that has a diameter of 50" you would want to select a moulding that has an inside radius of around 25" (or slightly more).

Our moldings may be cut, nailed, and basically installed the same way as any wood molding. A polyurethane adhesive should be beaded along the touching edges of the wall/ceiling and between joints, and then a few small nails should be used to hold it in place while the adhesive sets.

Advantages of Polyurethane:
1. Interior and exterior use.
2. Waterproof: they won't absorb moisture or mildew
3. Lightweight and easy to install.
4. Pre-primed and ready for paint (Note: Primer does not absorb stains)

This item also works with energy efficient bulbs, halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs etc (not included).
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Item# J1002-ER-8718-139
Size: 1.9'' H x 0.8'' W
27.5'' Outside Radius
25.6'' Inside Radius    
Our Price: $29.00

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